Irish Arts Academy of Indianapolis

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School Tunes

Each of our instrumental music students will be learning tunes from our master list throughout each quarter. This will make it easier for beginning students to participate in our slow session with intermediate students and advanced players. In addition, the tunes our students will learn are played at many sessions around the state and around the world, so learning these sets will bring you one step closer to being comfortable playing in a session! Please visit our Indiana sessions page for information about sessions. 

If you'd like to hear examples of sean-nós singing, please visit Lydia Campbell-Maher's faculty page for recordings of her singing!

For more tunes played slowly, visit our Slow Tunes page!

Click on the links to hear the tune. Right click or control+click to download.

Spring 2019 Tunes


Concertina Reel

The Mountain Road

Dunmore Lasses


The Old Favorite

Blackthorn Stick



Britches full of Stitches

Peg Ryan's

2018 Class Tunes


Toss the Feathers (Em)

Toss the Feathers (Dmix)

Castle Kelly

Miss Thornton's


My Darling Asleep

Jim Wards

Geese in the Bog

The Plains of Boyle

The Liverpool Hornpipe



School Tunes from Previous Semesters 


Boys of Bluehill - Slow - Fast

Off to California - Slow-  Fast

The Harvest Home - Slow - Fast

The Rights of Man - Slow - Fast


Out on the Ocean - Slow - Fast

The Kesh - Slow - Fast

Tripping up the Stairs - Slow

Saddle the Pony 

Connaughtman’s Rambles - Slow - Fast



Bill Sullivan’s - Slow - Fast

Britches Full of Stitches

Egan’s - Slow-  Fast

The Green Cottage - Slow - Fast

Dennis Murphy’s - Slow - Fast

Ryan’s - Slow - Fast


Drowsy Maggie - Slow - Fast

Miss McLeod's - Slow - Fast

Over the Moor to Maggie - Slow

The Earl’s Chair - Slow - Fast

The Maid Behind the Bar - Slow - Fast

The Merry Blacksmith - Slow - Fast

The Sally Gardens - Slow - Fast

Slip Jigs:

The Butterfly - Slow - Fast

A Fig for a Kiss - Slow - Fast

The Foxhunter’s - Slow - Fast

The Boys of Ballisodare - Slow - Fast