Irish Arts Academy of Indianapolis

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All Summer 2020 classes are On-Line

individual, private lessons

Official Start Date: June 13th.  End Date - Aug 1st.

However, you and your instructor determine your own lesson schedule

Level 1

Level 1 classes are for absolute beginners. Just starting or very basic knowledge of the instrument. 0 - 1 year of experience

Level 2

Level 2 classes are for folks who are still beginners, but are a little more adept with how it works. 2 - 4 years of experience

*Each class is a 40 minute, private lesson conducted on-line.*

Classes Available:


Accordion/Concertina                          Flute 1/Whistle 1

Banjo/Mandolin 1                                Flute 2/Whistle 2

Banjo/Mandolin 2                                Irish Style Guitar 

Bodhrán 1                                            Harp 

Bodhrán 2                                            Language 1                         

Fiddle 1                                               

Fiddle 2                                             

Class Fees


Pay Per Session  (8 weeks), single class - $220   ($27.50 per class)

Pay Per Session  (8 weeks), two classes - $400   ($25.00 per class)

Pay Per Class     (8 weeks),  $30 each class.      This is the best option if you have an ever-changing schedule and can't commit to a set schedule each week.

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